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round about intersection on a highway

Cooking Is Not Linear

One thing I’ve learned in my short tenure of motherhood is to take advantage of little pockets of time to accomplish bits and pieces of tasks. It is rare to start and finish a task or project in one sitting these days.

blank sheet of paper for recipe

Follow the Recipe

Do you ever miss a step in a recipe and find yourself with a mess instead of a meal? Somedays, we sometimes fail to fully read and follow the instructions. We’re distracted or think we know better.

zucchini with kidney beans and coconut tortilla

Focus on what you CAN eat

Whether you have a diagnosis or a sensitivity that limits your menu, it is all too easy to focus on what you can’t eat. When I first saw the list of “allowed” foods on the LEAP protocol based on my MRT results, I was discouraged by the limitations and the somewhat strange combinations that came to mind: