The goal of Simply Clean Ingredients is to provide access to minimal, real food ingredients and products for your food journey, whether you are embarking on the LEAP journey to address food sensitivities, trying to stick with a prescribed dietary lifestyle (gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, etc.), or if you just want to find delicious products without all the added sugars, natural flavors, gums, and preservatives. I want to save you TIME and help you stay motivated to stick with your plan by providing product lists and recipes.

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Product Lists

The site includes lists of hundreds of products I’ve personally researched, reviewed, and confirmed meet the above requirements in varying degrees. It was important to me to provide the ingredients to you on this site so you do not waste time clicking on links to products that ultimately do not work for you.
(*NOTE: Product ingredients may change from time to time at company discretion; therefore, it is your responsibility to confirm the current ingredient list for each product before you make a purchase.) Search the Simply Clean Ingredients Product List pages to find items you need.

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Favorite Recipes

Additionally, I’ve included family favorite recipes our family enjoys and are kid-approved as well as some food sensitivity specific ones that can help you make it through a phase of restricted eating. It is my goal to provide recipes moms, dads, singles, and kids can make on their own or together. Time in the kitchen is well spent!

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